Join us for an exploration through time at our jewelry studio.

Book an exclusive custom made charm jewelry session at I AM JAI for your upcoming group events. Ideal for team bonding, bridal festivities, birthday celebrations, and memorable girlfriend retreats.  An unforgettable occasion featuring a workshop where you craft your very own personalized necklace, guaranteeing a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.

Begin your personal spiritual journey with our captivating charms. Semi-precious stones hold deep meanings and energies that have endured through time. Choose your own stones or charms, or those cherished by your loved ones. Complete your collection with intention charms, offering gentle guidance or reminders along your path. Each piece holds a story, a testament to strength, growth, and the beauty found within. Let your journey unfold, guided by the whispers of the stones and the intentions of your heart.

Every item tells a story, lets make yours…

For more information or checking the available dates send an email to:
custom made jewerly workshop