About Us

What is iamjai?

I AM JAI is designed in Amsterdam (AM) and produced in the jewelry capital of India, Jaipur (JAI). JAI means VICTORY in India, and that’s the way we feel it too. Wearing iamjai means carrying out a positive message. The message that anything can be conquered, like long distances or cultural differences. 
By creating in Amsterdam and crafting in Jaipur, we combine the best of both worlds.


Our History 

In 2001, Esther Tromp launched Joes Company, now iamjai, with a jewerly line for kids made of semi-precious stones, matching kids and moms bracelets. Driving around in her car selling her jewelry to the finest childrens stores.
It went of and a jewelry brand was born.

 | 1966 Esther is born

| 1985 – 1991  traveled around the world and the fascination for other cultures and exploring the world is a fact
| 1993 worked at Pebble Beach CA, USA
| 1996 took computer lessens
| 1998 started working at an Dutch advertising agency
| 2001 after a trip to California in the US and falling in love with semi-precious stones jewelry department store Macy’s the idea was born to start her own business
| 2003 from children's jewelry to a complete woman's line

| 2006  Esther’s biggest fan dies her mom

 | 2007 took her first trip to India, till now we are still working with the same guys
| 2011 we changed our name from Joes Company to iamjai

| 2013 moving to a new office
| 2014 our Tv debut in 'RTL Boulevard' Queen Maxima is wearing our earrings
| 2018 Esther designed her first jacket

| 2020 our beloved agent and friend Biba dies,
we are heart broken

| 2020 Pauline is back on board at the iamjai team

| 2020 Caroline our new agent

| 2021 we did our first charity event and raised over 3000,-
we are so proud
| 2021 our first clothing line is born
| 2022 we moved to a bigger office with showroom for our retailers 
| 2022 we did another charity event! We love to give back. Thanks again for all your support. See you next time
| 2023 always on the hunt for vintage textiles 
| 2023 and pearls off course