A Guide to Creating the Perfect Neckmess
November 15, 2023

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Neckmess


Inspired by it girls, influencers and fashion designers all over the world, the new neckmess trend. It's all about chaos, combining different materials, structures, lengths and designs.

 We show you 5 tips on how you can easily achieve the neckmess look.

Start with foundation, building a beautiful neckmess begins with selecting a solid foundation piece. This could be a simple, gold chain, a classic pearl strand, or a sleek choker. 

Mix and match textures, one of the key elements of a successful neckmess is the thoughtful combination of textures. Experiment with different materials such as gold, beads and stones. Layering lengths, play with the length of your necklaces to create a visually appealing layered effect.

Variety in styles, the beauty of a neckmess lies in its eclecticism. Feel free to mix different styles of necklaces to create a dynamic and personalized look.

Add personalised charms and pendants, these additions not only enhance the visual appeal but also infuse your neckmess with a personal narrative.